Jail Calls: Big Brother’s Listening

June 12, 2012

As I review yet another discovery packet containing recorded jail calls made by a client, I feel compelled to state the obvious:  Stop talking about your case over the jail phone!  Unfortunately the people who are already in jail are not going to read this.  So hopefully the friends or family members who are on the other end of the line will.  

Every jail recording that I listen to states at the very beginning that the line is being recorded.  Yet inmates just go right ahead and start talking about their case.  Even worse (true story) is when their loved ones one the other end ask questions like, “Did you do it?”  And worse yet is when the answer is, “Yes.”  Game over.

In this day in age of digital recordings, CD’s, and DVD’s, detectives and prosecutors have easy access to this evidence.  Any defense that an inmate may have can be severely compromised by one, let alone numerous, phone calls from them admitting their crimes.  Nothing is more deflating when a client has a very good defense; and then you present them with an audio recording of them admitting to everything to their significant other.

While I’m at it, jail visits with your loved ones … see above.  They’re recorded too. 


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