Getting arrested and charged with theft is bad enough. These charges carry negative connotations which can and do have a far reaching and long lasting impact on your life and career. Not only do these charges negatively impact your ability to maintain or gain employment, gain acceptance into schools, and your reputation in general; they can have a negative impact on your ability to operate an automobile. Florida law allows for a judge to suspend your driver’s license if you are adjudicated guilty of a misdemeanor theft. However, if you are adjudicated guilty of a second misdemeanor theft, a judge SHALL suspend your driver’s license. The first suspension can be up to six months. The second or subsequent suspension SHALL be for one year.

Anytime you are charged or arrested with a crime, you should consult with an experienced attorney in your area before resolving your case. More often than not, there are additional consequences to your plea other than jail or probation. Oftentimes administrative penalties such as a driver’s license suspension can bite you in the future. Obtaining the advice of an experienced attorney before you resolve your case may help you avoid these problems.